The Pattern in the Braille Code

The first ten letters, a through j, all use the top part of the braille cell: dots 1, 2, 4, and 5.

The next ten letters, k through t, are made by adding dot 3 to each of the first 10 letters.

In the final row of the alphabet, all of the letters—with the exception of “w”!—are formed by adding dot 6 to the previous row.

So why doesn’t “w” follow the pattern? Good question! Back in 1860, there was no “w” in the French alphabet, so Louis Braille didn’t include it in his code.

Foreign Language Braille Answers

What Does This Say?

1. ¡Mucho gusto, Marta!

2. ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas?

3. Yo no veía la cumbre de la montaña desde el valle.

4. El estudiante nuevo se llama Ramón.

5. En vías de ejecución está el proyecto de continuación de esta vía hasta la frontera colombiana.

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Nemeth Braille Code Answers


If you said, 359, 9804 and 1472 then you’re right!


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Music Braille Answers

Types of Notes

E quarter note
A half note
C whole note
F eighth note
B eighth note
D whole note
G half note
B whole note
E half note
C quarter note

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Other Musical Symbols

Mary Had A Little Lamb

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