Braille Trivia

  • Louis Braille was only 15 years old when he invented the Braille code.
  • The simple six-dot cell created by Louis Braille is used all over the world by people who read many different languages.
  • Books for younger children sometimes have both the print and braille text on each page so their teachers or parents can follow along and help.
  • Braille takes up more space than print. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is 10 volumes in braille!
  • People who read braille can send and receive braille materials, books, and equipment free of charge through the US Postal Service.
  • A braille watch is read by touch, but it doesn’t have braille numbers; there’s not enough room! Instead, there may be a group of three dots or a short raised line at the 12, two dots at the 3, 6, and 9, and a single dot to mark the other numbers.
  • An asteroid was named in honor of Louis Braille. If you’re curious, here’s a picture of the asteroid on NASA’s website! (You can use your back button to return to the Braille Bug.)

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