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Who Was Helen Keller?

Meet Helen Keller, a woman from the small farm town of Tuscumbia, Alabama, who taught the world to respect people who are blind and deaf.

Helen Keller, an extraordinary American, worked at the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) for 44 years. She was an impassioned advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.

AFB has paid tribute to Helen Keller with a unique virtual exhibit, the Helen Keller Kids Museum Online.

AFB designed the museum to teach kids about Helen Keller's remarkable life. It includes a timeline where you'll find photos (just click to see a bigger version), videos, letters, and more!

Note: to view the videos, you will need Microsoft Windows Media Player or RealOne Player.

To download the appropriate version of Microsoft Windows Media Player for your computer's operating system, go to:

To download the appropriate version of the RealOne Player or RealPlayer for your computer's operating system, go to:

Working on a school report about Helen Keller?

Read the Helen Keller Biography and then check out the Recommended Reading. You can also read Helen Keller's own words in The Story of My Life, available free online.

Want to learn some fun facts on Helen Keller or read some of her famous quotes? Check out Fun Facts & Quotes.

Whether it is for school or just for fun, Helen Keller's legacy is worth knowing about. Join the Braille Bug in welcoming this great addition to the AFB family—the Helen Keller Kids Museum!

Teachers, don't forget to check out . . .

the Helen Keller Archives, which contain The Helen Keller Papers, The Helen Keller Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection, The Helen Keller Photograph Collection, and Books from Helen Keller's Library.


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