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Education 1894-1904

Helen, Anne, and Alexander Graham Bell, 1901 - select for more details
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Helen, Anne, and Alexander Graham Bell, 1901

Helen was also good friends with Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. Bell was very interested in education for the hearing impaired, in part because his wife Mabel was deaf. In 1888 Bell founded the Volta Bureau for the Deaf, which is now called the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf. Bell was a good friend of Helen and Anne's and would remain so until his death in 1922. In this picture, he is talking to Helen using the manual alphabet.

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Helen as a child Helen in her cap and gown Helen as a young woman Helen the champion Helen as a world leader
Childhood Education Young Woman Champion World Leader

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Wright-Humason School class picture, 1895 - Helen and Anne are seated at front-left

Helen's certificate of admission to Radcliffe College, 1899

Helen and Anne playing chess, 1900

Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Mark Twain, and Laurence Hutton, circa 1902

Helen, Anne, and Alexander Graham Bell, 1901

Helen sitting on a stone wall reading braille, 1902

Helen with her Boston Terrier, reading a braille book, 1904

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