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World Leader 1946-1968

Helen listening to an opera singer - select for more details
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Helen listening to an opera singer

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Helen loved all aspects of life, not just the political and social causes she fought for. She enjoyed good food and wine, and she appreciated beautiful things. Helen had very keen senses, including an extraordinary sense of touch. In the following video clip, she listens to the music by feeling the vibrations of the opera singer's lips and throat with her left hand. Helen's right hand moves in perfect time with the music.

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Helen as a child Helen in her cap and gown Helen as a young woman Helen the champion Helen as a world leader
Childhood Education Young Woman Champion World Leader

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Helen visiting disabled, deaf, and blind children in post-war Rome, Italy, 1946

Helen and Polly visiting Japan, 1948

Helen receiving a shield from Zulus, 1952

Helen holding her Oscar, 1955

Helen listening to an opera singer

Helen Keller with John F. Kennedy, 1961

Helen Keller at 78 years old, 1959

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