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Young Woman 1904-1924

Photograph of Helen, Anne and Henry Ford, 1920 - select for more details
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Photograph of Helen, Anne and Henry Ford, 1920

All sorts of people wanted to meet Helen, including Henry Ford, the man who invented the Model-T Ford automobile, one of the most popular cars in the world at that time. Helen also met three generations of the Rockefeller family, who formed the Standard Oil Company. The Rockefellers donated a fortune to the arts, culture, science, politics, and national parks.

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Helen as a child Helen in her cap and gown Helen as a young woman Helen the champion Helen as a world leader
Childhood Education Young Woman Champion World Leader

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Anne Sullivan explains how Helen learned to speak

Helen, Anne, and Anne's husband, John Macy at their home in Wrentham

Polly Thomson, Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Charlie Chaplin, 1918

Photograph of Helen, Anne and Henry Ford, 1920

Helen in her vaudeville dressing room, 1920

Helen Keller with a wounded soldier, 1919

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